This is the first stage in the production of the suit. The tailor will discuss in detail the type of outfit required. We stock the finest British cloths and linings including super 120’s – 160’s, worsteds, tweeds, flannels, baratheas, hopsacks, silks, cashmeres, etc. In addition we also stock avant-garde cloths (lamé, sequins, silkeens, satins, etc) should you be looking for something more rock’n roll.

It is at this stage that all criteria regarding the suit is discussed in depth. This includes selection of all cloths and linings, style details, cut and the image you wish to project. A template is then developed individually in preparation for your first fitting (the baste).

All prices are discussed at this stage. Suits take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

The Baste

Your personal template/selected cloth has now been cut and sewn temporarily together to create the baste. The baste represents the birth of the suit. It will give you the opportunity to see your chosen cloth and lining in the form of a well cut basic fitting.

The tailor will use his expertise to make necessary changes and improvements on the cut and the fit.

You will also be invited to comment on proportion, shape and comfort. Re-cutting of the baste takes place thereafter.

Forward Fitting

This stage is exciting for both the customer and the tailor. The suit has reached an advanced stage of its production. It is during this fitting that fine tuning (simple adjustments) takes place. Every single aspect of cut, fit and style will have by now been agreed.

Style embellishments discussed during the consultation will also be finalised, e.g. choice of buttons, shade of velvet collars and cuff details, etc. The suit is now ready to be completed.

Final Fitting / Delivery

The suit has now reached completion.

It will be inspected by both the tailor and the customer and a final assessment made. Tailors are perfectionists by nature and will not rest until the suit is spot on; any small adjustments will be carried out accordingly. In most instances the suit will be ready for collection.

Your template has by now been adjusted to perfectly mirror your finished outfit.

These measurements are stored on site in preparation for all future commissions.

Bespoke Tailoring Appointments

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