Traditional and avant-garde British tailoring

Tom Baker specialises in both traditional and avant-garde bespoke tailoring. He trained for five years at Hardy Amies (Savile Row) until 1996 when he founded
Sir Tom Baker in Soho, London. It was on Savile Row that he was taught to cut and fit in the most classical English way.

This traditional training combined with natural flair has put him at the forefront of bespoke tailoring today. His ability and willingness to work closely with each and every customer has earned him a loyal following, attracting television personalities, musicians, actors, artists, captains of the industry and politicians to the door. These include Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Rhys Ifans, John Cooper Clarke, Barry Manilow, Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), The Prodigy, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Jonathan Ross and Roger Taylor (Queen) to name but a few.

Whilst we offer a house style which is based on the London Cut (sharp shoulder/accentuated jacket waist/clean trouser line) we are also well known for design interpretation and flexibility.

We work strictly in the traditional British bespoke manner (template development, fittings process etc.) and take pride in our repeat custom; all suits are cut, sewn and finished by hand on site, under Tom’s personal supervision. His obsession with detail and perfection has earned him considerable respect from fellow tailors and designers. He is widely acknowledged as an innovator and whilst he maintains Savile Row techniques he constantly evolves modern menswear style. As a result his work is regularly featured in a variety of media including the press, television and red carpet events.


Tom Baker often gets asked what the meaning of style is and he usually replies: “the key is a combination of personality mixed with compatible dress sense”. By that, he means, simply never allow clothes to wear you. True bespoke tailoring, by nature, does not allow this to happen. The development of a bespoke suit takes time, skill, concentration and client contribution. By establishing good communication from the offset, not only are incredible suits created, but long term trustful rapports forged.

This continuity and care, in Tom’s opinion, is what differentiates a great tailor from a good one. Masculine vanity is completely different today than it was, say in the 1920’s or 1950’s. Looking dapper was standard in any strata of society back then. Men dress well to feel lusted after and to look strong. This is the root of vanity and should be embraced at all times. We feel it is important to constantly maintain these values in menswear and indeed vigorously promote this ethos. A well dressed man is a confident, successful man.

A finely cut suit will guarantee this feeling for the wearer when combined with great footwear, an elegant shirt and tie and some fine accessories as well as a good attitude. To spend a long time dressing up however is dangerous, as is seeking reassurances for the way you look! It is best to not obsess! Confidence is ultimately what we deliver through our craft at Sir Tom Baker, and we take great pride in doing so.